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Optimistic approach of life and success

Optimistic approach of life and success

The art of being happy has been discussed in many articles over the time and thus it has always new views about the way one should see life and enjoy themselves. We know we should be more relaxed, instead we stress all the time. We are aware that we have to change something in our daily comportment and still doing nothing about it. And we DO know that we should spend more time with family doing simple little activities that count a lot for us, but instead we keep having a full crazy working schedule that hold us apart and extenuates our bodies so that when we arrive home all we want is to sleep. When we got such careless about small but important things in our lives? So, what means to be optimistic? What means to show a smile all the time, no matter what? What is to be done in order to see things more relaxed and, therefore, enjoy life? Optimistic view can mean to be able to see and recognize the good part in every situation, to enjoy every sun shine that reflects the earth, to see the full part of the glass and to smile all the time. It seems difficult to do all this when we live in this crazy world, when all that matters is material part and all we see are car accidents, fly crash, unbearable new diseases and now – the Swine Flu that threaten the whole world!

Get started!

If you been accustomed with pessimistic views all your life it doesn’t matter that can’t change: review your comportment, see what has to be changed, deal with the issues you find and start over: a new beginning always offers you a new chance to make things different. Try to see things from a different point of view, smile all the time even if you have no reason to do it, emphasis with all the people you meet even you don’t feel like, even if you don’t like the person – this will grow your self-confidence and so you can succeed before you know it! Alter all, a smile can only bring another! So, for example, if you don’t like the office you’re working in, make the place more pleasant; bring some of your personal stuff and place them on your desk – just be carefully not to choose things that are too personal (and you don’t want others to see). Or, if you are unhappy about the way your house is settle or how the furniture arrangements are in place, change them all! You don’t necessary need to buy new furniture or to move in a new house, but you can rearrange the items in your room and it will look different, just by placing them in a new corner and light. Get a corner lamp and place it strategically to light up the room in a sophisticated way. Or you could buy a new coffee table which will serve as a point of interest to the whole room! There are a lot of things you can do, and, as you change the furniture items in your room, you can very well change the way you see things, the way you interact with some situation that you may consider matter of conflict. You may not believe in such things, but maybe the way furniture pieces are arranged in your house may interfere with your state of being: relaxed or stressful, enthusiastic or not, happy or unhappy.

So, you want to be happy, isn’t it? Happiness has more to do with achieving your goals.

How many people think about success as a state of being? Do they begin to see it all under their eyes or is this a growing process? I believe everything starts with the view about something. The attitude we have about the people, things and situations. How often do you find yourself wondering and saying “I’ll be happy if I’ll earn more money” or “if I move to a new house I’ll have more privacy and thus I’ll be happy”? Like this state of being happy depends on the house you live in or the money you hold in a bank account. Of course, they are important, but not as important as you are. Yes, you.

“Success is not only more money, promotion and social status. It is also more happiness, harmonious relationships and spiritual growth.”(Remez Sasson)

So think about it: happiness is more related to the way you place yourself in the puzzle than with your social or financial status. Don’t think about the goods you own or the salary your boss pays you. I know a friend that has a good salary and still he wants more and more, being unhappy about the department he works in and his colleagues being unmindful. Ignore – if possible – all this and concentrate on your job. Try to live the moment, enjoy a coffee with your friends and think positive all the time, you have nothing to lose!

To bring optimism in your life, meditation is very important. You can start meditate about where you are now and then about where you want to be. To achieve new goals or to solve a ticklish situation, you should first feel comfortable with what you already have and use that as a point of beginning for new actions that needs to be done. Meditation implies silence, solitude, interior peace, a receptive attitude and the suspension of all normal psychological processes (like memory, phantasm or future plans). Think in deep what is what you want and how you want and the answer should come with no delay. Success is an important part of life; if you’re optimistic you can succeed faster and easier because things tend to happen naturally when you embrace life with a smile.

“When the mind thinks of success, the outside world mirrors these thoughts.”

And yes! You have to see the top of the pyramid to start its construction. If you see the picture then the construction it will almost build itself because you designed and thought about it and so thoughts are working for you. If you see yourself where you want to be, then the ‘problem’ is 50% solved. You should start by making a plan that will link the most important steps you need to take in order to succeed:
1. Know what you want to achieve: set up your goal by knowing exactly what you wish for and make it real by remembering every single day what is what you really want.
2. Make positive thinking an everyday habit. And stay with it!
3. Doing things you really enjoy, but you don’t necessary realize you enjoy, like small daily things you do as: staying with family, reading a good book, watching a good TV documentary, eating something you like or having a tea or coffee in the morning hours.

“The image you have of yourself is responsible for the way people see and treat you.”

Self-confidence is really important when it comes for success. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others? Simply realize that you are no less than any other people and that you deserve the best. How is that? Well, here is my personal example. When I was in my first University year, at the very beginning, I didn’t know any of my future colleagues and I was very shy to ask one another to see if they belong to my language department. So, as I was older than the majority, I thought that would be a great idea to use the teacher’s desk to draw my colleagues’ attention. So I step aside and said: “Hello, my name is Cristina Păruş”. In a second, there was total silence. They all staring at me while thinking “that must be the teacher for the induction course!” but I wasn’t their teacher, I was their colleague and they didn’t notice until I asked for all the people how were enrolled to English-Spanish class to step aside and group together. This was how I first interact with my colleagues. The image that they perceived about my person was way above my expectations, because from that moment on, I stopped being that timid girl I used to be. No more I said to myself and there I was! What I’m trying to say is that people do not your personality unless you link them with a picture about yourself. They do not know you are shy and insecure, unless you let them see that part of you. Many speakers and trainers have a part that makes them feel uncomfortable, maybe not fully secure, but they don’t let us to see that part! Learn from them!

As a conclusion

In the end, we have to understand that this life we only live it once, every moment passing by won’t come back and every hour going beside us will mean a good hour or a bad hour. It depends on how we make it happen: would you let life passing by with bad remarks and frowning faces or …will you chose to live this life at its full capacity and enjoy every moment? It depends on how you want it to be.

Just remember

1). Always see the good, light part of things
2). Try to admit you are subject to mistakes sometimes
3). Be proactive!
4). Smile all the time, no matter what
5). Enjoy every single thing in your life.


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